Principle Trial Recruitment

Residents of Gloucester with typical Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test are being urged to join the national priority PRINCIPLE trial of treatments for recovery at home.

Led by University of Oxford researchers, the Platform Randomised trial of Interventions against Covid-19 In older people (PRINCIPLE) trial is investigating treatments for early-stage Covid-19 that can reduce overall recovery time and the burden of symptoms, and prevent the need for hospital admission.

Previously, only adults aged 50 or over and at most risk of complications from the illness were eligible to join the PRINCIPLE trial. With the nationwide vaccine programme continuing at pace in vulnerable adults, and the remaining urgent need for evidence-based treatments for recovery at home, expanding parts of the trial to people aged under 50 will provide new insights into whether treatments can help those at greater risk of severe Covid-19 illness. The trial now includes participants either aged 18-64 with shortness of breath from the illness or certain underlying health conditions that put them at risk of severe illness, or those aged over 65.

Since launching in March 2020, PRINCIPLE has so far recruited many volunteers from across the UK, making it the largest trial of Covid-19 treatments to take place in community settings.

The research team are appealing for people with coronavirus symptoms, or a positive test result, to join the trial either online or over the telephone. The trial is entirely remote, meaning face-to-face visits with the trial team in Oxford are not needed. For more information, visit the PRINCIPLE Trial website: