COVID-19: Oxygen Monitoring

As we learn more about Covid-19 we recognise that during the first wave patients were not complaining of feeling breathless until their oxygen levels were very low. When assessed patients with no symptoms of breathlessness had low oxygen readings, this has been termed silent hypoxia.

We understand now that recognizing a drop in Oxygen levels (usually less than 95%) helps to identify early patients who are deteriorating and who need medical intervention and support.

Our Covid Virtual ward has been recruiting throughout December. For patients over the age of 50 or who have high risk conditions we will be referring to the central Covid virtual ward. For patients not eligible we also have a limited number of oxygen monitors for patients to check their readings at home. These need to be collected from the Aspen Centre by someone who isn’t isolating and returned after 2 weeks.

For more information, please view the Pulse Oximetry At Home page on the NHS Gloucestershire CCG website.