Being Active

Being active benefits our minds and bodies. Being active doesn’t need to mean going to the gym – unless you want to ! it means getting out for a walk daily and enjoying the fresh air and daylight, playing games like football and frisbee with your kids or booking a racquet court or pitch for a game. Or join us on a Saturday morning for Gloucester Park Run!

Take the stairs, park further away from the door at the shops. Try movement snacking , not food snacking! If you struggle with joint pain swimming can be a good option.

Staying active helps us prepare as we age. After the age of 30 our muscle strength reduces by 5% every decade. Those muscles and bones that movement keeps strong, help to stop us falling to the floor, or if we do we are able to get ourselves up and are less likely to break a bone.

Check out our new section on keeping moving in the well-being section under Keep Moving and Staying Healthy. There is something there for everyone from help with keeping our children active to trying to reduce the risk of falls as an elderly person.