Register for Online Services

By registering for online services you will be able to

  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Cancel appointments
  • Change your contact details
  • Review your medications and known allergies
  • View your summary care record and (in most cases) view your prospective full medical record

Access to online services is available in the following ways:

Via the NHS App

If you have used the NHS App prior to our clinical system change in November 2022 you will still be able to use this, however, you may need to log out and log back in again or uninstall and reinstall the app for this to link to the new clinical system.

If you have not previously used the NHS App we would encourage you to download and register for this (available via the Apple app store or google play store). To log on you will need an NHS Log in. This can be created via the NHS website.

To be able to order prescriptions and see your online record (when activated) your identity will need to be verified. This can be done, without needing to attend the practice, via the NHS app by submitting photographic identification. Please follow the guidance on the app.

If you are unable to do this the practice can provide you with an account ID and linkage key. However, to obtain this you will need to attend the practice, in person, with photo identification.

Via the SystmOne Airmid App

If you have an Apple device or smartphone you can download the app ‘Airmid’. This is an app specifically developed by SystmOne. For further information please visit the Airmid Cares website.

You can log in to the app using your NHS Login. If you do not have an NHS log in you can register for one and have your identity verified without needing to attend the practice via the NHS website.

You can also obtain a username and password by visiting the practice in person with identification. You will be asked to complete a registration form and show photographic ID.

Via SystmOnline

SystmOnline can be used to access online services using a web browser via a computer. This can be accessed via the SystmOnline website.

To login to SystmOnline you will require a username and password. To obtain a username and password you will need to visit the practice in person with photographic identification. You will be asked to complete a registration form and show ID.

Do you want to help someone with their GP services, or choose someone to help you?

If you’re both patients at our surgery, you can apply to help someone manage their GP services or choose someone to help manage yours.

GP services are things like booking appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions and viewing medical records. You choose the services you want to get or give access to.

Find out how to Apply to manage someone’s GP services for them, or get help managing yours on the NHS website.

This service is designed and run by the NHS, so your personal information is safe.