Thank You Healthy Lifestyles Service!

Healthy Lifestyles Service – Gloucestershirehave seen 189+ Aspen patients!

Of these patients, 142 came to us to lose weight, 39 to stop smoking, 24 to get more active and 1 to reduce the amount that they drink.

Thank you so much HLS! You’ve helped our service to help your patients, and overall we have improved people’s health across Gloucestershire.

HLS is still open and is accepting self-referrals.

The team has adapted quickly under COVID-19, and coaches now support people over the phone and online to stop smoking, lose weight, get more active, and reduce the amount that they drink. HLS offers up to 12-weeks of free behavioural health coaching. 

Last year alone the Healthy Lifestyles Service has helped:

  • 1,000 people stop smoking
  • 2,000 people lose weight
  • 600 people to get more active
  • 200 people to reduce their alcohol consumption
  • Over 1,000 more who have made other meaningful changes