New Appointment System

Appointments for the Aspen Medical Practice (AMP) will be available at all three sites – the AMP, Aspen Centre; AMP, Saintbridge Surgery at Askwith Road; and AMP, Tuffley Surgery at Warwick Avenue.

Accessing Care – As a patient, you can access care in a number of ways:

  • Routine Clinic appointment – these will be available, where possible, up to four weeks ahead at all three sites. You can request to see a specific doctor or nurse, where available. This sort of appointment can be booked through the Patient Navigator or through Telephone Triage.
  • Same Day appointment – All requests for same day appointments will be directed to the duty clinical team for telephone triage.
  • Triage Telephone advice – the duty clinical team will call you back to discuss the problem. Many problems can be sorted over the telephone and do not require face-to-face appointments.
  • If you are uncertain as to whether or not you require a face-to-face appointment, please ask for a Telephone Triage appointment.
  • However if you and the clinician calling you back decide that you need to be seen, you will be given an appropriate appointment.
  • Please ensure you give the correct contact number and if it is a mobile, please ensure this is switched on and that you are in an area with decent reception.
  • Routine Telephone Consultation with a specific doctor – these are available but you may have to be prepared to wait up to several weeks for this.
    • If you feel you need to speak to a specific doctor urgently, please be prepared to give some more details to the Care Navigator who will then have to make contact with that doctor (if available or the duty clinical team) and then will get back to you.
    • Please note that any requests for either face-to-face appointments or telephone triage from 14:00 are for urgent problems only.
  • Same Day afternoon appointments are generally reserved for more urgent problems or emergencies. If the triaging clinician does not feel the problem is urgent for today, you may be given an appropriate routine appointment. Late call requests that are not deemed urgent may result in you being asked to call back the following morning.