We know that some parents are cancelling childhood immunisations especially following a celebrity doctor giving poor advice on TV. He has now retracted his advice.

Public Health ENGLAND have released the following statement:

We realise how vitally important it is to protect the most vulnerable members of the population who have not been immunised, and would actively encourage families with babies and young children to attend the surgery for immunisations as scheduled, unless the child or the family are presently showing symptoms of CoVID-19 and would therefore be self isolation. As per the guidance in this month’s Vaccine Update

The risk of suspending these vital immunisations would increase the risk of outbreak of vaccine preventable diseases, which could further impact the capacity of the NHS to treat and manage outbreaks such as measles.

In addition to this we are also hearing reports that the uptake of the antenatal pertussis vaccination is being adversely affected by CoVID-19, which adds to our concerns that neonates are being delivered without the benefit of having immunity from birth via the transplacental route.

If you have concerns please call and ask to speak to our nurse Sharon Cann