Did You Know?

Did you know General Practice is receiving 30% more calls then before the pandemic.

As clinicians we are trying to utilise technology to keep you safe and try to deal with as many patients as safely as possible.

What we have seen over the last three months is an increase in the level of abuse given to our receptionists.

Every day they come to work with a smile, ready to try and help as many patients as possible.

They do their very best to ensure patients who need urgent review are seen quickly and things that can be directed or wait for a routine appointment are directed away.

When you speak to our team please remember they are doing their very best to help you and keep the service afloat.

We are recruiting to continue to build our team but resources are finite and their are no magic wands.

Despite working additional hours on our days off to support the vaccine delivery and supporting colleagues who are unable to work due to ill health the team always give their very best and we thank them.

We hope you can too.