Coronavirus Update – Virtual Ward

Starting on Monday, Aspen Medical Practice is pleased to be taking part in virtual ward for patients who test positive for COVID-19. Initially exclusion criteria is only those aged under 18 or if patients are in a nursing home or where a patient has decided they would not wish to be admitted to hospital.

However If numbers climb we may need to restrict to those patients aged over 40 or aged under 40 who are BAME or those with co-morbidities of diabetes/IHD/CVD/ active cancer.

Equipment will be delivered by service provider Bayswater and patients are asked to submit timed oxygen finger tip readings four times a day. These are then reviewed and if needed the doctor will contact the patient. When readings are re submitted patients will also be asked a series of short questions.

Patients will be monitored for 14 days remotely with oxygen saturation readings four times a day at home, with tele health support from Bayswater. After this time the equipment will be collected by Bayswater who will decontaminate equipment.

This is an exciting opportunity for patients and the Aspen Medical Practice to ensure patients are identified early if they are starting to become more unwell and prompt action can be taken to ensure better health outcomes for the patient.