Carer Status Letter

The Carer Status Letter has been designed to give carers peace of mind that should they need to evidence they are a carer this can be provided.

This has been useful when requesting to be present in A&E when carers have been asked to evidence they are a carer, or to shop during key worker intervals in the supermarkets.

However, the main reason carers have benefitted from having it is when they are travelling outside their local area to attend to specific things in relation to their caring role. So for example driving from one side of the county to the other to care for someone. If the police stop the carer, they can use the status letter as evidence that the reason for them being outside current restrictions is due to being a carer. This can be used to explain why someone may be out at an unusual time in the day/night.

To obtain one of our letters, the carer needs to register with Gloucestershire Carers Hub and it can be sent electronically or by post.