9 people have been killed in 4 separate domestic incidents in the second week of UK lock down

It is vital that we work together to keep our service users and communities safe from violence and abuse.

GDASS are still in operation and are working hard with our partner agencies to ensure business as usual for those experiencing domestic abuse.

We are having to be more creative with how we do this, but we are still supporting existing clients and our helpdesk and online forms are still working for those who need support who may not have spoken to us before.

Our helpdesk is open Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm
Phone:01452 726 570
Email: support@gdass.org.uk
Website: www.gdass.org.uk

We can still help get people out of abusive households, we can still help people get to places of safety, and we are still working closely with police to hold perpetrators of abuse to account.