Anita Johns

Deputy prescriptions manager

Online Prescriptions

For online repeat prescriptions, use our prescription room.  

If you do not want to use the online repeat process you can use the printed re-order form attached to the prescription. Please tick only the items required and return the form to us.

Please Note:

  • We accept prescriptions in advance so there is no need to wait until your medication is running out; please give yourself plenty of time to request repeat prescriptions, especially if you are going on holiday
  • You cannot collect your prescription on Saturdays
  • Requests for any medication not on the repeat order form will have to be approved by a doctor, and if authorised, prescriptions will take longer to process
  • If sending the request by post please enclose a stamped addressed envelope and allow plenty of time

Over the counter medicines for self-care

Find out more about what you can do to help the NUS use resources sensibly by choosing self-care and your pharmacy to treat common health conditions.

Ways you can order your medication:

  • Hand in your Repeat Prescription Slip at Reception (ticking only the items you require).
  • Complete a medication request form available at Reception.
  • Use our prescription room to request medication.
  • Your nominated pharmacy can re-order your medication if you give them permission and leave your repeat slip. Please note this method may take longer for your prescription request to reach us for processing.

We have Prescribing Pharmacists available to discuss your medicines queries.

Book an appointment via Reception.

Please note that it takes three working days for prescriptions to be processed and a further one to two days to dispense at your local pharmacy.

This process will be even longer if you have not signed up to the Electronic Prescribing System – please speak to your local pharmacy of choice to arrange this.

We do not accept medication requests over the telephone.

Common problems arising with medication requests

Requesting Early – we try to prevent waste through stockpiling of medicines. If you need to order early, please give a reason with your request e.g. going on holiday. Failure to do so may lead to your medication request being refused.

Overdue for your check-up – we have a duty to ensure that your medicines are prescribed safely and we will remind you to come for appropriate tests and checkups. If reminders are ignored, we may reduce your medication supply until you have had your blood test or appropriate checkup.

Keeping medicine records up to date – please let us know if you have decided to stop any medication so we can update your records. It is important that you let your pharmacist or doctor know if you are having any problems with your medication.

Requesting medicines that you only need occasionally– please let us know the name of the medication requested and reason why it is requested. For example stating ‘eczema cream’ is not very specific and this will lead to delay in medication being issued.

Urgent Medication Requests

When you request a medication urgently because you have run out, we will clinically assess if it is urgent for today.

Please go to the surgery and speak to the Receptionist stating that this medication is required urgently. You will be asked to complete an Urgent Medication Request Form and to call back later to see if it has been done.

Your usual pharmacist should also be able to issue you with an emergency supply but may charge for this.

Please be aware that urgent requests create a lot of extra work so we hope this will not happen often.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that you order your medication in advance – we suggest when you have 10-14 days supply left, think about re-ordering then.

Unused Medication

  • Wasted medicines = lost NHS money.
  • Please only order as needed.
  • Once medication has left pharmacy, it cannot be re-used (even if it is unopened).
  • Any unused medication should go back to the pharmacist who will safely dispose of it.

Green Policy

Aspen Medical Practice is introducing a Green Policy, we are advising our patients to nominate a pharmacy of there choice to reduce the issue of paper prescriptions.

This is a much more efficient way of processing prescription requests, and safer to prevent loss. Moving forward paper prescriptions will phase out.

You can nominate your pharmacy by several ways: