Home Visits

Visits are offered on clinical grounds alone. Patients are expected to make their own transport arrangements to get to the surgery. We ask that if you feel that you need a home visit that you call before 10:30 as this helps the doctors to plan their visits.

Home visiting is vital to patients who are housebound due to their current illness. However, it does draw a significant amount of Clinician time from the surgery. It generally takes four times as long as a clinic consultation – resources are scarce and we ask that all patients jointly take responsibility for using this resource.

Advantages to attending the surgery for an appointment are that more investigations such as blood tests, ECGs and near patient testing (test results from a drop of blood within three minutes) can be done at the time. By performing a full examination an accurate treatment plan can be delivered to the patient.

Please note, home visits will not be authorised for: Lack of Transport, Child Care issues, Poor weather conditions or a patient’s financial situation. We will continue to work with patients who are restricted to specific appointment times due to transport issues.​