To make an appointment, please use our  Room.

Please note phones revert to emergency access between 18.30 – 8.00 with message link managing calls between 18.00 – 18.30.

Most routine appointments are 15 minutes long and it is recommended that you bring one problem per appointment.

For more information on self-help and services available, please use our Wellbeing Centre to help navigate your care needs.

Our Patient Navigators (previously known as receptionists) are responsible for booking our urgent on-the-day appointments.

To assist our call navigators it is important to give them as much information as possible when you call. What do you need? A telephone call for advice or to discuss results, a face to face appointment or a sick note? This enables them to assist you in accessing the most appropriate clinician in the quickest time. They have received additional training in order to understand who can meet a patient’s needs best and in a timely fashion.

They are bound by the same confidentiality policy that clinicians are and take patient care very seriously.

The aim of Patient Navigation is to improve patient access to the most appropriate support. This may be directing you to a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Pharmacist, Physio Direct, Let’s Talk counselling services or the Minor Ailment scheme available at some pharmacies. If they are unsure they have support from senior Patient Navigators and the duty GP on that day.

Clinical Navigators facilitate appointments not block them.

Our Patient Navigators have had training to understand when certain conditions cannot be met in primary care and where signposting to A&E, MInor Injuries Unit or even 999 is more appropriate.

Routine appointments will be booked by the Patient Navigators who will ask for information to book you in to see the most appropriate clinician. They may advise you that a face to face appointment is not needed and that your problem can be dealt with on the phone or that another department may be able to help. They may also feel that the problem is more urgent then you may have first realised and book you in to see a clinician that same day.

Reviews for Mental Health, Dementia, Post Natal checks for mother and baby and Medicals are bookable into a routine slot by our Patient Navigators.

Most Medication reviews are more appropriately and effectively done by our team of Clinical Pharmacists.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you are unable to attend an appointment it is important to let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer it to another patient (even at very short notice).

To cancel an appointment please use our online form – provided your appointment is in at least two working days – or call us on

Tuffley Surgery
Saintbridge Surgery

If you receive an appointment reminder text, and the appointment is no longer required please text ‘CANCEL’ to the number given in the text message to cancel your appointment.

Nurse and Health Care Assistant Appointments

We also have Nurses and Health Care Assistants who provide various services.

Our reception staff can help you book appointments. Please ask a receptionist for more information, or you can access information on our Travel and Vaccination appointments, by visiting our Travel Room.

If you receive an appointment reminder text, and the appointment is no longer required please text ‘CANCEL’ to the number given in the text message to cancel your appointment.

Transport to and from hospital

In a medical emergency, call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

If it is not emergency there are other services available