Test Results Request

You can get the results of your blood tests either online or by calling the reception team. Please try and avoid peak times and call for results at after 11am. Some blood tests take longer then others to come back, most are back within one week, but some may take up to two weeks. If you register for online services you will be able to see your blood tests online.

If your result has an abnormality that the GP is concerned about they will either text you or ask reception to contact you. They may want you to have the test repeated, or they may wish for you to have additional blood tests. They may want to arrange a telephone consultation or a face to face appointment which reception will book for you.

The doctor will specify how urgently this needs to happen, It is better for continuity of care and safe practice, that where possible, you speak to the GP who has requested the blood test or who may have actioned the blood tests if they were part of our annual review.

The duty team are not in the best place to discuss these results as they have not seen and examined you and you will receive better care through the requesting GP.

Please be reassured that if the test results are urgent they will either by sent directly to the GP or given to the duty Doctor team to contact you.

Please be aware that for confidentiality reasons we can only give results to a patient  or parent of the patient if they are under the age of 16. we need written consent if you want someone else to access your results on your behalf. If you email in to request the results we do need to ensure that the email you have is for your use only.

Test Results Request

Test Results Request


Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.