Learning Disability

How do I prepare for life as an adult?

The films on the website below offer helpful guidance to autistic young people, or anyone, preparing for adulthood:

A factsheet accompanies each film, with further information on where to get support.

The films were created in 2019 before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please visit www.gov.uk/coronavirus and follow the latest government advice when meeting with other people, going to school/college/work or going out into your community.

Easy Read guide to self-isolating

Concerned about self-isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak, or just want to know more? Here is an easy read guide by Inclusion Gloucestershire: Tips for self isolating


The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly garden is an educational, therapeutic and recreational scheme, based initially on gardening, but now offering so much more. It is a project for people of all ages dealing with disablement of any kind. It caters for those looking to escape the world, those looking to re-enter it and some, who are still just looking. Its doors are open to anyone without obligation.

Telephone: 01452 713068

Website: www.thebutterflygarden.org

Gloucestershire Active Inclusion Network

Join a range of inclusive activity and service providers to connect, share and discover. Receive updates from the network, hear from guest speakers and meet inclusion champions from Gloucestershire and beyond.

Website: www.wecanmove.net/network/network-gloucestershire-gain

Sunflower Lanyard - Hidden Disabilities

At Aspen Medical Practice we know that not all disabilities are visible.

Our staff have been trained to recognise the Sunflower Lanyards developed by the Hidden Disability store which are being introduced across the UK. These lanyards let our staff know that you may need a little more time or help which they will be very happy to give.

Coronavirus Vaccine Information - Easy Read

An update about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Protect yourself from COVID-19

Easy read guides to common procedures

Having your temperature taken: flipbooks.leedsth.nhs.uk/LN004785

Having your blood pressure taken: flipbooks.leedsth.nhs.uk/LN004788

Having your pulse taken: flipbooks.leedsth.nhs.uk/LN004789

Having your oxygen level checked: flipbooks.leedsth.nhs.uk/LN004790


2gether NHS Foundation Trust (²gether) provides specialist mental health and learning disability services to the people of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.

Telephone: 01452 894000

Website: www.2gether.nhs.uk

Macmillan - Say Healthy Resources

Macmillan have created a variety of easy read, stay healthy booklets:

Being safe in the sun

Breast care for women

Healthy exercise

Having safe sex

Stop smoking

How to check your balls (testicles)

Catch A Smile

Helping people with disabilities and special needs enjoy fishing at Elmore Fisheries, Elmore Lane West, Stonebench, Gloucester, GL2 3NW.

Telephone: 01452 722993

Website: catchasmile.co.uk

Email: enquiries@catchasmile.co.uk

Learning Disability Annual Reviews

Learning Disability Annual Reviews are important. We would like to offer these reviews to all patients over 14 with a learning disability. Usually they will be done in the surgery, by one of our nurses.

Dr Jarvis will help to answer questions and manage problems that the nurses cannot. Visits can be arranged for people who really can’t come into surgery.

It is helpful for the pre-health check questionnaire to be completed beforehand and brought to the appointment. 

We will create a Health Action Plan and send it to you after the appointment.

Reasonable Adjustments

If you need special arrangements to be made (such as particular times for your carer to come too, or a quieter waiting space) please do tell us.

Learning Disability Team

Dr Iain Jarvis, Dr Laura Quentin, Geraldine Lane, Lana Gorospie, Kim Peacey and Sarah Hewlett form the LD team.

Coronavirus/Covid-19: Helpful advice

Navigating through Coronavirus information is difficult for most of those but for those who have additional needs there are increased difficulties.

The following resources can help:

Coping with isolation: www.wales.nhs.uk/Coping with Covid isolation

Social distancing: www.district65.net/my social distancing story

NHS - Flu Vaccination Guide

The NHS has produced videos with information on flu vaccinations for those with a learning disability and their parents or carers.

The Flu Vaccination – a guide for people with a learning disability

The Flu Vaccination – a guide for parents and carers of people with a learning disability

Learning Disabilities Video Library

Learning Disabilities Video Library

Coronavirus Easy Read Information

The Corona Virus is making many of us worried but trying to understand more about what is happening can be difficult for some people with additional needs, These resources help to simplify the information in an easy read format.

Easy Read beating the virus

Easy Read Swabbing for coronavirus

Easy Read Community learning disability teams update

Easy Read Information

Sexual Health D&G: Easy Read Leaflet - The Coil

Please view the Easy Read Leaflet – The Coil for more information on what you need to know about the Coil.

The Hand Washing Rap

Please watch the Hand Washing Rap to learn how to wash your hands thoroughly!

Videos: Accessing Health Services and What to Expect

A series of short films about accessing health services is available from Inclusion Gloucestershire.

Supercharged Me

Stay Supercharged and fully fit by having your Annual Health Check.

For anyone with a Learning Disability aged 14+.

Website: www.superchargedme.uk

The Smear Test Film

‘The Smear Test Film’ is a health education film resource for women eligible for cervical screening (smear tests) who have mild and moderate learning disabilities.

The film has been designed and made by women who have learning disabilities to give women and their carers information about smear tests and their role in preventing cervical cancer and help women make a decision about whether to attend their smear test invitation.

Website: www.jostrust.org.uk

Coping With Death Easy Read

Coping with the death of a friend or someone in your family can be difficult. Please view the easy read leaflet for information and advice.

Coping With Death Easy Read Leaflet