Eye Care

Flashers and Floaters Service

If you have new onset of floaters or flashers please contact us urgently or NHS 111 out of hours. We will talk through your symptoms and refer urgently to the eye clinic if needed.

Many patients though can be managed by our opticians who provide an Urgent Eyecare Services.

You will need a referral letter, with your NHS number, to take to the optician.

Please contact one of the opticians listed on the Eye Care Providers page on the same day and request a Flashers and Floaters appointment. 

This list is subject to change, please visit www.primaryeyecare.co.uk.

The Optical Practice will take your details and an appointment will be given within 24hours/5 days depending on the severity of your symptoms/history. You should take the referral letter along to the appointment. The GP will receive a report from the Optometrist on the outcome.

The examination will include pupil dilation – you should be advised not to drive to the appointment.